Goshin Jujitsu

Goshin = protection of the body (self defense). Goshin Jujitsu or jujutsu is actually a modern term meaning "self defense gentle art". Also known as goshin Jutsu.

The focus is surviving a violent attack. This is not sport jiu-jitsu or derived from sport jiu-jitsu systems. Instead of learning "how to fight" and squaring off against an attacker, learn how to end a violent confrontation as quickly as possible. All terminology is in English.  Traditional techniques are complimented with gendai (modern) techniques whenever practical. Practical and personalized training gives you self defense tools that can be used immediately while completing longer term goals if desired.

Classes are low impact and low stress.  Normal body strength and range of motion are all that is required. One does not need to be an athlete to defend oneself.

Green Belt Certificate awarded upon successful completion of each level.



Entry Level Green Belt Training

"First line of standing defense from a distance."

Training Includes:

Stance, grip, balance, body movement, pivoting, off balancing.

How to fall without injury and land in a defensible position.

Grip Escapes - How to break an attackers hand grip:
• Same Side Wrist
• Cross Wrist
• Two Hands on One Wrist
• Orange Peel Thumb and Finger Locks
• Two hands on Throat
• Defense against a wrist pull for ladies and juniors

Knife Blocks with Strikes & Kicks -  7 angles of attack:
• How to use soft circular blocking to defend against attack by knife or a similar weapon and cause severe injury with strikes and kicks to stop attacker from chasing you as you flee.

Wrist Lock From a Push:
• How to blend with an attacker's movement, redirect the energy through wrist locking, and take the aggressor down.



Green Belt with Black Stripe

"Second line of standing defense from a closing distance"

Traditional Throws (Jujitsu Style):
• Hip Throw
• Outside Reap
• Inside Reap

Modern Throws (Judo style):
• Hip Throw
• Outside Reap
• Inside Reap

Evasive Maneuvers for Modern Throws

• Inside Wrist Lock
• Outside Wrist Lock
• Straight Arm-bar
• Flexing Straight Arm-bar
• Cross Bent Arm-lock
• Arm Snaps
• Lock and Drop

Evasive Maneuvers for Locks

Striking: Jab, Cross, Hook, Heel, Edge, Backhand, Knuckle, Drop Fist, Elbow, etc.

Kicks: Front, Roundhouse, Hook, Side, Spinning Back, Heel Stomp, Reverse Kneecap

Movement Blocks from Strikes and Kicks

Standing Combat:
• 2 Hand Push Defense
• 1 Hand Push Defense
• Forward Stance (defense against striking)
• Rear Stance (defense against kicking)

Evasive Maneuvers from Grips and Holds

Brown Belt: "Starts the transition from standing to ground combat."

Student Black Belt: "The most aggressive, destructive, and all encompassing board."

Goshin Jujitsu
Complete List of Defensive Training Available

Baseball Bat (various angles of attack)
Bear Hug, Front
Bear hug, Rear
Choke (Front), One Handed
Choke (Front), Two Handed
Choke (Rear),Two Handed
Choke (Rear), Naked Choke (Hadaka Jime)
Club/Unbroken Bottle
Football Tackle ("BJJ Shoot")
Full Nelson
Hand Over Mouth From Behind
Hair Grab, Front
Hair Grab, Rear
Headlock, Front
Headlock, Rear
Kicks  (various angles of attack.)
Knives/Broken Bottles  (various angles of attack)
Lapel Grabs
Long Gun (Rifle, Shotgun Close Threat)
Punches  (various angles of attack)
Push  (one & two hand)
Staff  (various angles of attack.)
Sword/Machete  (various angles of attack.)
Wrist Grabs